Flipkart Delivery Boy Salary in Small and Metro Cities

Flipkart a one of the biggest eCommerce comapny hires delivery boy to operate smoothly. if you want to join delivery boy job in Flipkart stay with us to get full detail and flipkart delivery boy salary also.

Salary of delivery boy depend on various factors so directly any body can’t say what is the salary of flipkart delivery boy. here we cover all the parameters at wich salary depends.

Flipkart Delivery boy Salary

salary of delivery boy in flipkart depend on mainly two factors 1. City 2. no. of parcels you delivered. So what you will get it will depend on your city and how many parcels you delivered.

average salary of flipkart delivery boy is arround 12000 rupee per month. in small city it could be RS 8000 and in metro cities it is approx RS 18000

now get into deep and understand flipkart delivery boy salary modal.

Salary Modal in Flipkart Parcel Delivery Job

flipkart has 2 salary modal for delivery boys. its totaly your choice which one you like

1. Comission Based Salary modal

2. Monthly Fix Salary

Commission Based Salary Modal

if you join delivery boy Job on commission modal in this case flipkart gives commission for every parcel delivery.

commission of per parcel delivery is approx RS14. this ammount is not fix in some cities delivery boy get 12.75 rupay and in metro cities its about 16.75 but if you belongs to normal tier 2 city you should get 14 rupay per parcel delivery commission.

the one more thing company don’t paid for petrol in commission modal so this is your.

let’s do a quick calculation

suppose you work for 9-10 hours per day and delivered 30 parcel average

then 30parcel ×14 rupay = 420 rupay

now you have do deduct of petrol

one day earning is about 420-100 = 320

and monthly earning is 320×30 = 96000

so doing a flipkart delivery boy you can earn monthly average 10000 rupee. if you do hard work and delivered more petrol and save petrol you can earn more.

Fix Salary modal

this is the another salary modal in Flipkart delivery boy job. in this modal you will get fix salary it also depend on cities tier-1, tier -2, and tier-3 city

in tier 2 city you will get 12000 monthly salary plus incentives. in incentives flipkart gives petrol according 3 rupay per KM. but monthly fix Salary comes with lots of term and conditions such and guaranteed parcel delivery, target, etc.

How to Choose Best salary modal

here is my few suggestions to you before joining delivery boy job.

if you belongs to rural areas or remote areas where people don’t prefer online shopping then there could be parcel shortage. in this case if you go with commission based modal may be you don’t get enough parcels to delivery.

if you are doing first time these type of job jn that case monthly salary is best option because you can save atleast fule.

Negative points of delivery boy job who impact on salary..

1. parcel cancellations – when you reached to any customer door step and by any reason he is not taking parcel and cancelled the delivery in this case your time and petrol both goes waste company will not pay anything in this case.

2. Not sufficient parcel Available – flipkart allot 3 boy in every Zone to deliver product. in small cities still people don’t prefer online shopping because of this at you hub could be parcel shortage.

3. you have to reach early morning approx 6am to collect parcel otherwise you don’t get enough parcels to deliver all parcel will captured by other boy of your areas.

4. if you have small number of parcel. it’s bad for you because you can’t make anything by 5 or 10 parcel delivery.

you can make 50 thousand by delivery boy job

lot’s of people says earn 50 thousand monthly by doing delivery boy job this is not fake but it’s not always.

BIG BILLION DAYS flipkart flagship annual sale where every thing is on discount people makes lots of online shopping. and to deliver all parcel on time filpkart paid extra ammount.

normaly if you are getting 14 rupay per parcel in big billion days flipkart gives 18 rupay to 21 rupay per parcel. and in BBD full on parcel you see every where so can deliver as many parcel as you think.

some parcel delivery boy delivered 100 of parcel per day in BBD sale.

it means 100 × 20 = 2000 this is of one day

so monthly earning is arround 50 to 60 thousand.

how to join Flipkart Delivery Job

joining delivery boy in Flipkart is very easy as always just go to any hub near you contect them do your paper works and start working by next day.

to get deep knowledge about flipkart delivery boy job read this. – flipkart delivery boy job

there are some other Delivery Boy job with same salary you concern for them also such as

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so guys hope you understand flipkart delivery boy salary and all working function of this so if you don’t have any job then this is the best job you can make money easily to your monthly expenses.

flipkart delivery boy working time

there is no fix time in flipkart delivery boy job. its depend on you. if you want to earn more you could work more. a average working time is approx 8 hours daily.

Does delivery boy make money?

yes! average money made by flipkart delivery boy is around 12000 per month

is flipkart gives money for petrol

if you work at commission modal flipkart will not pay you for petrol but if you work on salary basis flipkart pay you 3 rupay per kilometer.

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