how check airtel number | airtel sim number checking

airtel is one of the largest telecom service provider in india as per the user base. airtel is providing 2g, 3g, 4g service and recently 5g service started also. so if your are airtel user and forget your airtel sim number and looking for how to check airtel number here is tricks to airtel sim number checking.

before started this i wanna tell you some interesting facts about airtel. airtel is providing its service since 1995. billionaire sunil bharti mittal is founder of this company. according to the statista curranty airtel have 326 million subscribers in india and globaly it has 491 million in 2022.

now come to the topic and knows how check airtel number, Airtel number check Code 2022

how check airtel number,airtel sim number checking

there are multiple ways to airtel sim number checking we will describe all here

  • call your another using airtel sim
  • check your airtel app
  • ask your friend
  • using ussd code

call at other number to know your airtel number

this is the first and basic method to know your airtel sim number. you can call anybody who is near you or not when he picked up your call just ask him which number from i am calling you and i am sure he will told you your number.

to make sure using this method you have to active airtel sim with active recharge plan. if you don’t have recharge plan this will not work. in this case you have to skip this method and should try another one.

check airtel app to get your Airtel Number

if you are android user or iOS user and have airtel thanks app then don’t worry just open smart phone connected with intrnet and look for airtel thanks app when you open app you will get my account section. under this option you will se your airtel sim number easily.

but this method will only work for persons who have logged in airtel thanks app. if you never installed this in your phone this it wont work for you. so in this case you have to skip this option also and come to the next option.

ask your friend you called with same number

if you are using this airtel sim from long time which number you wanna knows which is currently deactivated due to no recharged plan then remember whom called you last from this airtel sim number. just call him using another sim if you asked him may be he can help you.

he looked in his contacts list or recent received call and take out your number easily. when you get your airtel sim number make sure to say thank you.

check airtel number using ussd code

every telecom service provider company have their own lots of ussd numbers for different type of services. such as to check active recharge plan, to check left data, to active hello tune etc. airtel gives lots of services using ussd.

to know your airtel number using ussd dial *282# using your airtel sim this will work in with recharge or without recharge plan so if you have not active recharge plan don’t worry. you will get your airtel sim number.

their are some other ussd code you can try these also if first one didn’t works *121*9# , *121*2#,

How to check Airtel number in keypad mobile

hey if you have keypad mobile and looking for airtel sim number checking i will help you. lots of people forget their new sim number it’s common but the good thing is you can find your airtel sim number easily just dial *282# using your keypad your number will came out on screen. in some state it didn’t work so you can try these i think any one of theme should work.

ussd number to get airtel number – *121*9#, *121*2#,

some other useful airtel ussd code

i am giving you some other ussd code i hope they will help you

Airtel Balance Check*123#
Airtel Recharge Plan*121*1#
Data Balance*121*2#
New Recharge Offer*121#
Airtel Call Details *121*7#

why people need their phone number

some people thinks why people need theirs secondary number so i will told you mobile number portability system.

indians use MNP rather than recharge sim its budget friendly. so people buy sim and frequently port to get free balance. if you also port your sim or bought new sim and don’t know read here how to activate airtel sim.

hey friends i hope you like my this post name how to check airtel number if you have any query regarding this comment blow.

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