How to Create Poll In WhatsApp Group Discussion Easily.

hey guy’s this is a tutorial post about how you can create poll in WhatsApp group chat as well as single connection. so let’s started

whatsapp is a feature rich instant messaging app. Billions of people daily use it for personal and professional purpose.

user continueosly demanding poll or vote feature from whatsapp. so finally recently whatsapp revealed pole feature to it’s user.

let’s understand what is poll and why its introducing in all social media platforms.

whatsapp Short Description

as everyone knows this is a instant messaging app started in 2009. Brian Acton and Jan Koum are co founder of this app.

after the launching it become to successfully because of its simplicity as of now more than 2 billions people use this regularly.

Recently Mark jackerbarge founder and ceo of facebook bought the platform. now WhatsApp is a part of meta company.

What is poll or Vote feature

poll basically is a voting way use in digital platform. in most of poll creater ask a question and gives 4 option. behalf of question ask from people to choose one aswer which you. are thinking right.

how to Create Poll In WhatsApp

Steps to use pole in WhatsApp group chat or single people.
here is the step by step guide to create pole in group. procedure are approx same for both android as well as iOS User. so follow given step

  • firstly open WhatsApp app in your mobile
  • open WhatsApp group in which you want to create poll
  • click on option logo right to the chat box. this box contains lot of options such as share image, camera, contacts, location.
  • click on last one written as poll.
  • a news display will open here you can create poll.
  • after entering question and option click send button
  • now poll created successfully in WhatsApp group. as soon as people take part in poll you can see result.
  • if any one wanted to change their option he can do this also by selecting another option

below you can see all steps in image also

whatsapp poll create
whatsapp poll creation steps

how to view poll details

by clicking on the poll, creater can check how many person voted to poll. and he can also check every individual vote and their caster.

so guys i think now you understand all things regarding WhatsApp poll creation.

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