Google Revealed : Most Searched Keywords in india 2022 List

hey guys as you know at the end of every year google reports Most Searched queries of every country where google gave service. in this blog post i will discuss about most googled keyword in india in different categories.

if you don’t understanding what i am taking about i will clear you that most search queries means what people looking for. suppose if you type in google Download RRR movies this is the search query. and if lost of people search same keyword (download rrr movie) in google than this the most search query. so this is what i am talking about.

let’s start with categories in which google release data


  • Indian Premier League
  • CoWIN
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Asia Cup
  • ICC T20 World Cup
  • cricket is not India’s national game but people play it in every street of india.
  • Brahmastra: Part One – Shiv
  • e-SHRAM Card
  • Commonwealth Games
  • K.G.F: Chapter 2
  • Indian Super League

now come at second category for which google releases data called what is so here is most what is questions list searched in 2022 in india

Most Searched Queries in What is

top most searched keywords in what is categories

  • What is Agneepath Scheme
  • agneepath scheme
  • What is NATO
  • What is NFT
  • What is PFI
  • What is the square root of 4
  • What is surrogacy
  • What is solar eclipse
  • What is Article 370
  • What is metaverse
  • What is myositis

Most Searched Keywords in How to

keywords list of most searched in year 2022 india

  • How to download vaccination certificate
  • How to download PTRC challan
  • How to drink Pornstar martini
  • ई श्रमिक कार्ड कैसे बनाएं (How to make an e-SHRAM card)
  • How to stop motions during pregnancy
  • How to link voter ID with Aadhaar
  • How to make banana bread
  • How to file ITR online
  • How to write Hindi text on image
  • How to play Wordle

Movies most searched keywords

most searched movies of 2022 list

  • Copied to clipboard.
  • Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva
  • K.G.F: Chapter 2
  • The Kashmir Files
  • RRR
  • Kantara
  • Pushpa: The Rise
  • Vikram
  • Laal Singh Chaddha
  • Drishyam 2
  • Thor: Love and Thunder

Near me most searched queries

  • Covid vaccine near me
  • Swimming pool near me
  • Water park near me
  • Movies near me
  • Takeout restaurants open now near me
  • Malls near me
  • Metro station near me
  • RT-PCR near me
  • Polio drops near me

Most Searched Keywords in Sports

  • Indian Premier League
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Asia Cup
  • ICC T20 World Cup
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Indian Super League
  • Pro Kabaddi League
  • ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup
  • Australian Open
  • Wimbledon

Personalities most searched in 2022

  • Nupur Sharma
  • Droupadi Murmu
  • Rishi Sunak
  • Lalit Modi
  • Sushmita Sen
  • Anjali Arora
  • Abdu Rozik
  • Eknath Shinde
  • Pravin Tambe
  • Amber Heard
  • Lata Mangeshkar passing
  • Sidhu Moose Wala passing


  • पनीर पसंदा (Paneer Pasanda)
  • Modak
  • Sex on the beach
  • Chicken soup
  • मलाई कोफ्ते (Malai Kofta)
  • Pornstar martini
  • Pizza Margherita
  • Pancake
  • पनीर भुर्जी (Paneer Burji)
  • Anarse

you can check for global most searched terms also on google trends

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