Ultimate Way to Find Best Domain Name

Finding a best domain name always big issue for everyone. it doesn’t matter that your are Experienced Blogger or just a Newbies.

Experienced person Have Understanding of a good and bad domain Name. still they have headache and search lot of internet to get a good one domain.

and newbies as you know Newbies don’t know anything so have full of confusion and Headache

But don’t worry here i will told you a solid way to find best domain in few minute.

hello friends this is Akhilesh i am working on blogs and domain for last 6 year i know this industry very well.

Before getting the Ultimate way to find best domain name let’s know some old ways to get good domain.

Think by yourself and check availability of Domain

when idea of creating blog or website come into mind firstly people think by yourself what should be the name of domain.

he or she just open GoDaddy or other domain registrar and check for availability but most of the time domain already booked.

after that he make combinations and thinks synonyms of planned niche keyword.

Again most of the .com domain not available to purchase.

this is the first step to buy a domain name if you are beginner you Should try this way. who knows you got a good domain.

Use domain check tools

on the internet there are hundreds of tools they can help you in find the best domain name.

in these type of tools you just need to enter your niche keyword they suggest 100 of domain names related to your keyword

these suggested domain are basically synonyms or tricky words to your input keyword.

domain check tool suggest you available domain name they use there algorithm to find available best domain name.

name check tool has filter so you customise what actually you are searching for.

in these filter you can put condition like don’t show domain name more than 10 charector , show only available .com domain names only or you can set .com , .net, .org , co as per your need.

you can put more filer like domain should have perticular alphabet like a, i, z, x, and w , domain name should not be start from number or number should not be included.

Not only domain name domain suggesion tool also can suggest you social media user name availability. brands use this tactics so they can make reech by one name to every where like facebook, youtub , twitter (X)

If you don’t know what are the good domain name suggestions tool, here are some tool list you can use any one to find best domain name

but now days people are not satisfied with these generated ideas.

domain name generator use just a fixed algorithm to genrate available domain name. this is out dated thing.

so what’s now

Now we discuss ultimate idea to find best domain name

Ultimate Way to Find Best Domain name

As you know now we are in AI (artificial intelligence) Era. so why waste your time in the search of best domain name.

AI tool can do this work easily. and the result they provide are very unique and worthy.

Chat gpt, google bard both are bery femous AI chat modal.

they can think what you can not.

so if you need a domain name and unable to find good domain, don’t worry just open chat cpt or any other AI chat bot and ask them in simple words they provide good results


this is very easy task if don’t know it’s not a big problem.

here i am to tell you everything

firstly open chat cpt in google chrome browser

now login with your gmail account. after login you we see interface like given below picture.

% best domain name

now you need to enter prompt (prompt is basically your demand and bot will answer)

Just type hi i want to start a new blog in world tourism suggest some good domain names. and hit the enter button.

chat gpt will reply you with good domain name suggestions.

wheather provide domain may be good names but if you don’t like still no tension

just type suggest some more and again hit enter botton. chat gpt will reply with another Domain names. you can generate many domain names if you don’t like.

I don’t think you need to ask again. because chat gpt will provide lovely domain name suggestions in first time only.

choose one out of suggested domain name and purchase buy any domain name registrar. i will suggest you GoDaddy.

Best of luck for your new Business.

If you don’t know How to buy Domain Name read here

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